S. C. Laser Dentistry  provides Dental Tourism services.



For people who would like to enjoy a few days in Mexico City while being attended by dental specialists. Come and visit us, we are professionals waiting to assist you.

The procedure is as follows:


1· Send us your medical record.

2· Tell us your problem.

3· Let us send you the cost and time of treatment and accommodation costs.



You will obtain the best medical attention and receive a painless solution for your dental problem, at the same time you can enjoy and discover Mexico City.

The best dental specialists and Pain- Free Treatments!

With the most advanced technology and optimum dental materials.

More than 20 years of experience support us.



Price Comparison Table:






Implants of Dental Crowns                            



Porcelain Veneers                                           



Root Canals Treatment                                  



Dental Crowns                                                 



Dental Hygiene and Whitening                     




5 steps to return home with a a beautiful and healthier smile:


1. Initial Contact:

Please contact us via e-mail or by phone, ask all the questions that  you may have related to  the treatment of your choice and get the necessary advice to make the right decision.


2. Reservation:

You must confirm in advance the treatment that you require and the travel dates.


3. Arrival:

At your arrival at the airport, you will be received by one of our hosts who will accompany you on your airport-hotel-clinic transfer.


4. Accomodation and Treatments:

The Dental Tourism Team can accompany you on trips between airport - hotel – clinic during your stay, and will be available for all sessions that your treatment requires.


5. Returning Home.

After your treatment, the Dental Tourism Team will take you back to the airport for your homecoming. Once your there, we can monitor your recovering via e-mail or by phone.